Eluize writes, curates and creates a spectrum of house and techno. The Australian born, Berlin based DJ, producer, live act and vocalist’s sound spans from dubby and spacious, through rave inspired euphoria to intense and acidic.

Her debut album surfaced on Craigie Knowes in April 2019. “Confide” is a beautiful 7 track journey built on a blend of Eluize’s voice, drum machines and synthesis, flowing between dance floor hypnotics and melodies that throw you adrift in a lonely cosmic ocean.

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Cashminus started on the B-side of a Bordello A Parigi 12", where Gratts & Eluize dreamt up a universe inspired by the track on the flip delivering two tracks born in a place where Belgian new beat, EBM and early rave meet. On their self-titled imprint and when they join forces in the dj-booth the seasoned selectors bring a mix of these sounds plus asi acid, leftfield jams, italo and electro to the table. Their newest EP “生命还存在意义吗?”, sees the couple unleash a collection of their wildest works to date.


Night Tide

Night Tide is a cross continental label founded by Eluize as an outlet for her take on beauty in electronic sound. It’s sister label Bermuda Series focuses on shining light on music produced by women.



matt [at] thepool-london.com

Music and label
hello [at] nighttideaudio.com